Frequently Asked Questions

What is Offsiteio?

Offsiteio is a corporate event planning service that specializes in organizing offsite trips for growing companies, particularly in the tech startup industry. We handle all the logistics of the trip, from finding the perfect location and accommodations to arranging transportation and activities.

How does Offsiteio work?

Offsiteio works by first understanding the client’s parameters for the trip, including the location, length, budget, and desired activities. We then use our proprietary technology to create a per-person cost estimate that covers all aspects of the trip, including hotel, food, transportation, and any other relevant expenses. The client can review and approve the estimate, and we handle all the details of the trip planning and execution.

What types of activities can Offsiteio arrange?

Offsiteio can arrange a wide variety of activities for your team or company, depending on your interests and goals. Some popular options include team-building exercises, outdoor adventures, cultural experiences, and strategic planning sessions. We work with our clients to create a custom itinerary that meets their specific needs and preferences.

How much does it cost to use Offsiteio?

The cost of each Offsiteio trip varies depending on the specific parameters of the trip. We provide a per-person cost estimate that covers all aspects of the trip, and the client can review and approve the estimate before any bookings are made. We work with clients to create a trip that meets their budget while still delivering an exceptional experience.

Does Offsiteio handle flights?

Offsiteio does not include flights in our per-person cost estimates, but we can help clients find the best flight options for their trip. We provide a digital itinerary that includes all relevant details of the trip, including flight information.